About me

Hey, I’m Luke. I’m a freelance filmmaker. I’m based in the Boston area, but I travel all over for my work.

I wear the hats of director, cinematographer, and editor because I love the whole filmmaking process and can’t get myself to stick to just one part of it. 

I get excited about stories, projects, and teams.

The stories I get most excited about are the ones that are aiming to make a real positive impact in the world.

The projects I get most excited about are ones that take shape as documentary films (but I still love working on projects of all kinds: short films, commercials, music videos, brand stories).

The teams I get most excited about are usually smaller in size, but full of creativity, passion, and vision (a great recipe for collaboration).

In my 7+ years of experience in filmmaking, I’ve learned a few things:

  • Always put the audience first, every story needs to earn their attention and be worth the watch.
  • The story is more important than the gear, the budget, or the crew size.
  • An emotional connection is stronger than a transmission of information. 

These are some of the principles that guide my approach to all my work. If they resonate with you and the stories you want to tell, please send me an email.

Like I said, I love every part of the filmmaking process, so I love to be involved in projects right from the beginning, even if it’s just a quick phone call.