About me

Hey, I’m Luke. I’m a freelance filmmaker, director, cinematographer, and editor. Telling stories and making pretty pictures that move is what I do and it’s what I love. I also love analog photography, Thai food, basketball, and Lord of the Rings.

I’m currently based in the Boston area, on the beautiful North Shore of Massachusetts. Before that, I grew up overseas between Central Asia and Germany before I ended up studying film at Emerson College. 

Over the years I’ve worn many hats on all kinds of productions: from directing short film crews of twenty plus people, to running and gunning on skeleton crew documentaries. From Boston, to Australia, to Azerbaijan my passions have taken me to some awesome places and I’ve worked with some amazing people.

But behind all my work there is a singular belief in the power of story. In my experience, story is something that grows. Each person, each community and business has a story in them, but it needs tending to and it needs care, the right tools, the right team, and (because my main hat is “cinematographer”, I must say) it needs light. My job and my passion is to see each story grow to its full potential. Let’s make it happen.

Some Clients and Collaborators I’ve worked with